The Test Demand Period cannot be reset on an ION8600 meter.



Release Notice

The sliding window demand modules in the "ION Revenue Test Framework" cannot be reset with a push-button. The "Demand Reset" button will reset the values but the period will not reset.

Goals and Symptoms


The period of the sliding window demand modules in the ION Revenue Test Framework cannot be reset. This causes issues while testing. The period of the sliding windows are in sync with the system clock on the meter and will only reset on certain times, which means the test can only start at certain times as well. For example, if the period of the Sliding Window Demand modules are set to 15 minutes, the periods will only reset at the 00, 15, 30, and 45 minute mark.

Causes and Fixes

Work Around

Make the following changes in the ION Revenue Test Framework

  • 1) Place a new pulse merge module. Pulse in 1 input should be connected to Test Dmd Rset of the Test Dmd Rset module. Pulse in 2 input should be connected to CNV1 On Pulse output of the Test Mode Rset module.

    2) Place a oneshot timer module. The sync input of this module should be linked to the Pulse Out of the Pulse Merge module which was placed in step 1.

    3) The Trigger output of the One Shot timer (placed in step 2) should be connect to the sync input of both KW sd del T and KW sd rec T

* red box indicates added modules


Download the appropriate corrected template to the device.
Corrected framework for affected meters



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