PowerView Patch for PM820 Energy Logging Issue



The hourly energy of PM820 is incorrectly shown on Report of PowerView 2.01. However there is no problem for PM850 and PM870.

Product Line
PowerView 2.01 (Legacy)

Reporting in PowerView 2.01


It i found that there is no data on hourly report of PowerView for PM820. However, there is no problem on PM850 and PM870. For PowerView version 2.01, there is a problem on retrieval of the hourly energy logging of PM820. The PM820 has a log that involves billing values, including Real Energy. This billing log is a single file on the device, but is separated into three different files via software. The files are "hour by hour", "day by day", and "month by month."
The issue regarding PowerView v2.01 is that the file being read is the "day by day" and not the "hour by hour" log. This results in the meter uploading just one record a day, and then when the customer generates a report the software interpolates the "hour by hour" values from the "day by day" values. The interpolation results in the "hour by hour" values being almost identical.

The change needed to correct this issue is to modify the stored procedure and file that uploads data from PM820 series meters and their onboard logs. This is done with an executable file downloaded to the machine with PowerView installed. This is language independent and will work with all versions of PowerView.

Please refer to the attached patch file to fix the problem.


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL201820 V1.0,
Related ranges: PM800 series, PowerView