Information Manager Trend Report displays a blank report with no data in the System Manager Software (SMS) Web Client (SMSWeb)



Goals and Symptoms

When viewing an Information Manager Trend Report in the SMS Web Client, a blank report with no data is displayed.

Causes and Fixes


Internet Information Manager (IIS) is blocking .peg files from the browser. Information Manager Trend Reports use the .peg format when rendering the graph.


Add the .peg extension to the MIME types on the Default Website

1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) from Windows Administrative Tools
2. Right-click on Default Website and select Properties
3. Click on the HTTP Headers tab
4. Click the "File Types..." button under "MIME Map"
5. Click the "New Type..." button
6. Enter the following information:
a. Associated extension: .peg
b. Content type (MIME): PowerLogic Trend Report
7. Click OK
8. Click OK
9. When the "Inheritance Overrides" window displays, click the "Select All" button and click OK
10. From the Windows Start Menu, click Run
11. Type IISReset and click OK
12. Trend reports should now render correctly in the web client