Can the new ION7550/7650 communication card (supporting 100 megabit connections) be used with ION7500/7600 meters?



Goals and Symptoms

A new communication card for the 7550 and 7650 was introduced in Q1 2008. This card supports connections to 100 Megabit Ethernet switches and routers, whereas all previous cards only had 10 Megabit support. Note that the actual data rate and bandwidth has not been increased by ten times. This just allows the meter to connect to Ethernet networks that no longer support 10 Megabit connections.
The new card can be identified by a square outer label that defines the Ethernet port on the back. The RS-485 receive and transmit LED's on the back of the card have also been changed to yellow LED's instead of red LED's.

Some customers may ask if this new card can be used with older 7500 and 7600 meters.

Causes and Fixes

Yes. As confirmed by Continuous Engineering, the new 7550/7650 communication card can be used with legacy 7500 and 7600 meters.

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