Utility for configuring a Micrologic trip unit remotely



Need to configure a trip unit before connecting to a monitoring or control software

Product Line
Masterpact, Powerpact, Compact NS, Compact NSX, Micrologic

Applications requiring the remote setting of breaker configuration.
Add setting parameters for a breaker before adding it to a power monitoring software like ION Enterprise or Power Monitoring Expert.
Users can use the RSU (Remote Setting Utility) to configure their Micrologic trips. Below are the link to respective program for each class general type, standard and NSX.

Trip Units
Micrologic 2.0
Micrologic 3.0
Micrologic 5.0
Micrologic 2.0A
Micrologic 3.0A
Micrologic 5.0A
Micrologic 6.0A
Micrologic 7.0A
Micrologic 2.0E
Micrologic 3.0E
Micrologic 5.0E
Micrologic 6.0E
Micrologic 5.0P
Micrologic 6.0P
Micrologic 7.0P
Micrologic 5.0H
Micrologic 6.0H
Micrologic 7.0H

 Use Masterpact RSU


Trip Units
Micrologic 2.2
Micrologic 2.3
Micrologic 3.2
Micrologic 3.3
Micrologic 5.2A 
Micrologic 6.2A
Micrologic 5.3A
Micrologic 6.3A
Micrologic 5.2E
Micrologic 6.2E
Micrologic 5.3E
Micrologic 6.3E

Use Mircologic NSX RSU


  • When the IFE module is used, its configuration website can be used to configure.