RoHS compliance Information for ION meters



RoHS compliancy information for ION Meters. 

Product Line
ION6200, 6300, 7300, 7550, 7650, 8600 & 8800 

Schneider Electric ION Meters

Customers complying with REACh regulation and that have environmental concerns need to be able to find accurate information regarding meter compliance.

This application provides information about the products marketed by Schneider Electric relating to the European REACh regulation (substances content) and RoHS directives (hazardous substances), their environmental profile (PEP) and their End of life instructions (EOLI) based on their date codes. 

The ION6200, 6300, 7300, 7550, 7650, 8600 & 8800 are RoHS compliant.

A spreadsheet is attached showing our compliance on the various meter families. (Website information is up to date , use the spreadsheet only as a reference)

You can also type in the meter family in the Schneider Check a Product database find the status. It is updated monthly. (to check the product, you should simply type "6200" for "ION6200", "7650" for "ION 7650"...etc).  For more information, contact your local Schneider representative.  

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