Video: Can Power Monitoring Expert Vista show time stamps in 24 hour (military time) format?



It is desired for Vista to display data time stamps in 24 hour (military time) format.

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This can be accomplished by changing the server time to the 24 hour time format. To do this, change the regional and language time settings to reflect the time properly.
Note: As mentioned above, when making this change you are changing the time format of the server...therefore the Windows time will also be displayed in the 24 hour time format.

1. Open the Windows Control Panel
2. Select Region and Language
3. In the 'Formats' tab, you will need to change the 'Short time' and 'Long time' from the h or hh format to H or HH.

4. Click Apply to apply the settings.
If Vista is open during these changes, the Vista application will need to be completely closed and re-opened for the changes to take effect.

Note: This change does not affect Web Diagrams. They will remain in the 12 hour time format.