Is there a list of meter events for ION meters?



The user is looking for a complete list of events that could be generated by an ION meter 

Product line 
Powerlogic Meters with ION architecture 

Currently, there is not a complete list of meter events and their corresponding priorities for the default firmwares since priority levels are configurable and new modules can be added as the meter's firmware is upgraded which could add additional meter events. The ION Reference manual will show what modules have an EvPriority register which will show all the events that can be generated by each module. The user can use ION Device Template Reference to determine what modules are exists on the meter and then examine ION Reference for a list of events generated by each module. The ION Device Template can be found here.

For example the event types that are generated by a setpoint module on an ION meter are: Setpoint condition started; Setpoint condition ended; setup changes made while Setpoint was ON; module disabled while Setpoint was ON. 
The priority of these events is determined by the value in the EvPriority setup register in the setpoint module.