"NAK: Target Unsupported" error message appears when attempting to upgrade an ION meter firmware with ION Setup.



A user of ION Setup encounters the following error when trying to upgrade the firmware on their meter.

This error message appears when attempting to upgrade the ethernet firmware on an ION7300 series device:

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ION meters
ION Setup

ION Meter Firmware upgrade using ION Setup

One reason that this error can occur is if a user tries to upgrade the ethernet firmware on the ION7300 series device by using serial communications. If attempting to upgrade the firmware over the serial port, the upgrade will fail with the error message shown above.

This error can also occur with firmware mismatches. An example is trying to upgrade the firmware on a revision A ION7300 series meter (firmware versions between 102 and 213) with firmware from a revision B ION7300 series meter (firmware versions between 250 and 285).

This also applies to 7550 RTU meters on firmware revisions 373 and 400.  These firmware versions are intended for different hardware revisions of the meter, so you cannot upgrade from 373 to 400.  The release notes on firmware 400 discusses the specific hardware differences.


*Warning: Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Technical Support for guidance.*

*Warning: Devices should be disconnected from all monitoring software before performing a firmware upgrade*

Use ethernet communications when upgrading the firmware on an ethernet enabled ION7300 series meter.

Only use compatible firmware versions when attempting to upgrade meter firmware.
Firmware from the B series can’t be used on the A series and vise versa.