Tee Chart 8 with ION Enterprise 6.0



Goals and Symptoms

In ION Enterprise 6.0 the Tee Chart extension has been updated from 7 to 8

Causes and Fixes

Tee Chart 8 is required for ION Enterprise 6.0 to graph in WebReach. ION Enterprise installs the TeeChart7 extension as well (in the path below) on the install but it is not needed.
..\\ION Enteprise\system\bin\TeeChart7.osx

The Tee Chart 8 component is installed with ION Enterprise in this location

..\\ION Enterprise\system\WebReach\scripts\historical\TeeChart8Langs.cab

Inside the .cab file is the TeeChart8.osx extension. If a client machine is unable to install the extension from Internet Explorer this file can be copied and registered to client machines that need to graph in WebReach.

1. Copy TeeChart8.osx to client machine
2. Register this file in the command prompt "regsvr32 teechart8.ocx"


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