Client workstation's failure to resolve ION Enterprise server host name results in failed client installation



From the computer attempting to install an ION Enterprise Client on, the following symptoms are present:
- Pinging the Primary server's IP address works while pinging the computer name fails.
- The client computer cannot resolve the Primary server's computer name either.(ie: \\<computer_name> does not work)

Product Line
IONE 5.x
IONE 6.x


In cases where the ION Enterprise server and Client are located on a public or separate network, you may not be able to see the server by computer name. In this case, use the Enable LMHOSTS Lookup parameter in the TCP/IP network settings of the client.

  1. Edit the LMHOSTS.SAM found in Windows\System32\Drivers\etc. (Instructions are in the file)
    For example at the bottom of this file add the following line: <Computer_name of ION Enterprise server>
    You will of course provide the actual IP address of the server and replace <Computer_name of ION Enterprise server> with the actual computer name.
  2. Go to Network and Dial-Up Connections -> Local Area Connection -> Properties.
  3. Open the properties for the TCP/IP protocol and go to the Advanced WINS configuration.
  4. Check the Enable LMHOSTS lookup and then import the LMHOSTS.SAM file.

Note: this will only work if the IP addresses are static.