How to setup PC based logging in the ION Enterprise VIP when a device does not have onboard logging capability.



Goals and Symptoms

Some devices do not have onboard memory in which to record data on the meter. It is still possible to record data for these devices in the software with the VIP. The procedure below explains how to set this up.
The setup will walk through creating a data recorder in the VIP which logs data from the meter and saves them to the SQL Server Database. If communications are lost to the meter in this configuration the data will not be recorded in the VIP during the communications loss since there is no buffer or memory to hold the data during the loss.

Facts and Changes

Causes and Fixes

Here are the steps to create a data recorder in the VIP. The ION Reference document (links above) will show detailed information about ION modules.

1. Open Designer, then go to File > Open and select the VIP.ServerName node.
2. Click Options > show toolbox to open the toolbox in Designer if it is not currently open.
3. Drag a Data Recorder module out of the toolbox, right click in the middle of the module, and set the depth under setup registers.
4. Drag a Periodic Timer module out of the toolbox and link the trigger output to the record input of the Data Recorder module. The default period of the periodic timer module is 15 minutes (900 seconds), however this can be changed by right clicking in the middle of the Periodic Timer module and changing the Period to the desired period in seconds.
5. In order to link values from the meter to the Data Recorder module, click on the input of the Data Recorder module and click New Source. Drag the link to the ION button located at the top in Designer which is circled in red below. Link to a device and a quantity that needs to be recorded.

6. Once all the quantities are linked to the Data Recorder module send and save the changes (File > Send&Save) and then close Designer.
7. Wait until the first log recorded by the recorder and then open Vista
8. Open the toolbox (options > show toolbox) and drag out a Datalog Viewer
9. Right click on the Datalog Viewer > select the Query tab > click Edit Query > select the meter and click Add > Next

10. Select the parameter > Add > Next
11. Select * for column selection > Add > next
12. Select sorting by timestamp > Add > Finish
13. Click OK on the Data log Viewer Config page > Save the changes (File > Save)

Double click on the data log viewer to see the records.


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