Energy Pulsing cannot be setup on the E5600 via the Optical Probe



Goals and Symptoms

When connecting to the E5600 meter for the first time, the energy pulsing cannot be properly enabled through optical port.

Causes and Fixes

As shown in the Figure below, KY Relay #1 and KY Relay #2 are enabled and the KT values have been defined. If communicating through Modbus the same screen will be shown below, indicating that the meter is ready to pulse through its Digital Output. The meter will not pulse until meter pulsing is enabled through the Modbus interface.
In the case of attempting to enable meter pulsing through the optical probe, and receiving no pulses from the digital output, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

Step 1: Communicate to the meter via Modbus in ION Setup,
Step 2: Disable the KY Relay #1 and KY Relay #2 and press the send button
Step 3: Enable the KY Relay #1 and KY Relay #2 and press the send button
Please note: Make sure that a KE value has been selected.


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