Tenant Metering Software (TMS) 1.5 Bill Processing



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TMS 1.5

There are a few differences between the way TMS 1.0.1 and TMS 1.5 work when generating bills.
With TMS 1.0.1 customers processed bills in the following way:

Bill 1 = Day X - Day Y
Bill 2 = Day Y - Day Z

With TMS 1.5 you cannot process bills like this or else you will be double billing for the one overlapping day, Day Y.

Start Date is that date at 12:00am. (The very beginning of the day.)
End Date is that date at 11:59:59pm. (The very END of that day.)

When day Y is assigned as an end date for one billing cycle the entire day has been billed, so the start date on the next billing cycle must begin on the day after Y. ( Y+1)

TMS 1.0.1 Bill Dates Bill 1: Jan 1st - Feb 1st
Bill 2: Feb 1st - March 1st

TMS 1.5 Bill Dates Bill 1: Jan 1st - Jan 31st
Bill 2: Feb 1st - Feb 31st