Explanation of Voltage and Current Input Wiring Diagram for ION8650/8600 Form 35 and 35S, 4-Wire WYE, 2 PTs, 3 CTs



When the ION8650 is set to 35 or 35S, 4-Wire WYE, 2 PTs, 3 CTs, the meter does not seem to read correctly.

Product Line

System Setup

***This configuration can affect some of the meters parameter calculations. Contact Schneider Electric for details.***
This configuration will work for measuring total power. When an ION8650/8600 series meter is applied in this way, some of the many parameters that are provided appear to be calculated incorrectly because of the way the Volts Mode works.

Please note: The following setup does not work for unbalanced systems.

  1. Phase to Neutral Voltages

Will not be displayed, because DELTA mode does not display line-to-neutral voltages.

  1. Phase to Phase Voltages

Vab and Vbc will display phase to neutral voltages. Vca will correctly show the phase-to-phase voltage. Vll avg will be incorrect.

  1. Current

Since the CT secondary windings are delta connected, the displayed Ib value is ?(3) * ?(3) or 3 times larger than Ia and Ic. Where Ia = ?(3)I1 AND Ic = ?(3)I3 and the I1 and I3 are currents in the primary.

  1. Real Power

The kW total will be correct.

  1. Reactive Power

The kVAr total will be correct.

  1. Apparent Power

The kVA total will be correct.

  1. Power Factor

The PF total will be correct.

Summary for Delta Mode:

Valid Not Valid
Vca Vab, Vbc,- Incorrectly shows Vln values
kW tot Vll avg - Incorrect
kVAr tot Ia, Ib, Ic - Incorrect
kVA tot text
pf tot text