How to change the load profile data in ION Setup to P-File format for MV-90 and set the pulse value.



Goals and Symptoms

The ION8600 can be configured to record MV-90 data in either E-File or P-File format. To access the new P-File data format feature, you must use the latest version of ION Setup, and have the latest framework loaded onto your meter. This is a step by step procedure to change the Load profile data to P-file format and to configure the pulse value to match with the setting inside MV-90.

Causes and Fixes

Using ION Setup
1. Open ION Setup and connect the meter using Single Device Mode.
2. In the Setup Assistant, navigate to Logging. Select Load Profile.
3. In the Channels tab, select the first source value and click Edit.
4. A Modification Warning pop-up will appear and say that parameter modifications will reset recorded data. Click OK to continue if all necessary information on the meter has been recorded.
5. The Parameter Selection window appears.

  • · Energy Interval parameters are in E-File data format.
    · Energy Pulses parameters are in P-File data format.

6. Click on the plus [+] sign beside the parameter heading to view the individual parameters.

7. Select the desired parameter and click OK.
8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 for all your Load Profile sources.
9. The new channels to be recorded in load profile (Revenue log) are shown below. They are ended by a letter P

10. You may check the pulses recorded in the revenue log.

Select View from tool bar > Data Screens > double click Data Recorders on right screen > double click Revenue Log to view data

11. Change the pulse value to match with the setting in MV-90

The pulses (kwh int P, KVARh int P, etc) are sending from Integrator module to the revenue log (not sending from the calibration pulser module). You can change the pulse value by entering the advance setup mode (hold ctrl key and left mouse click on the device name). Pick the corresponding module as selected in step 9 ( i.e. Kwh del int, KVARh del int, etc )

12. Select Setup Registers tab. The Valu/Pulse determines the energy value for one pulse. For an example, if the value/pulse of the KWh del int Integrator module is set to 0.0018, then it will send out one pulse for every 0.0018kwh. This must match with the setting inside MV-90.

Repeat step 11 and 12 for all selected channels in 9.


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