What does "CT/PT Correction Points" mean in the Instr Xformer Correction (ITC) Module on an ION meter?



In ION meters, The Instr Xformer Correction (ITC) Module is used to correct inaccuracies in the current transformers (CTs) and potential transformers (PTs). This module applies correction factors for ratio errors and phase angle errors to instrument transformers, hence, reducing or eliminating the need to replace transformers in installations where high-accuracy is required.
The module in summary requires to enter a set of example data, then applies interpolation based on the data set given to the correct inaccurate Voltage-Current values. In the module, the Phase Correction Data setup register is used to enter a string of delimited pairs of the test points and associated error for the phase angle of the CT or PT. The test point is expressed as a percentage of the rated secondary nominal rating. The phase angle error is expressed as a real value in minutes.

The Test Point mentioned above is also known as CT/PT Correction Points in industry.

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