ION Enterprise Webreach Historical data does not work.



Goals and Symptoms

Webreach Historical Data is not working and when a table is opened the following error message appears:
PEGQuery error '80040c8e'
Error with provideHTML. Error with GenerateHTML. WebReachHistoricalASP in GetQuery: -2147218290 Cannot execute default connection: ActiveX component can't create object
/ion/Historical/GetLogs.asp, line 51

Causes and Fixes

Try defining the query server in Vista:
1) Go into Vista and open up the toolbox.
2) Find a log that is not working correctly and right click on it.
3) Go to the query server tab and choose Custom Query Server instead of Inherit from parent window.
4) Click on the edit link button and then double click on your queryserver under nodes, then double click on query modules under manager, then double click on the query under modules, then double click the query register under output registers.
5) Click ok on the datalog viewer and save the Vista diagram.
6) Open a new webreach screen and try the log that was just fixed above. If this works then there is an inheritance problem.

Do the following to fix the problem for an entire diagram:
1) Go back to the diagram that the broken log that was fixed above is on.
2) Right click on the background of the diagram (out in the white or gray area outside of the diagram itself) and go to properties.
3) Go to the query server tab and choose the query server manually again just like above.
4) Save the Vista diagram, open a new webreach screen, and try some more logs in that diagram. This fix will apply to all meters using this diagram.

If specifying the query server doesn't work try registering the following dll's:

To do this do the following:
1) Go to start > run and type cmd and then push enter.
2) Browse to the ...\ION Enterprise\system\bin directory
3) type regsvr32 webreachgetdata.dll and push enter

4) repeat step 3 for IONSNG.dll and productinfo.dll
5) type iisreset and push enter.
6) open a new webreach page and try opening the logs.


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