Quantities assigned to the snapshot log on a 3710 ACM meter are greyed out and cannot be changed in ION Enterprise Designer or ION Setup.



If a 3710 meter does not have the EMEM option, the 3710 will only have 1 log and will not be configurable.
Basic Model: 1 preset log with 12 parameters. Triggered by programmable time interval. 1200 data item capacity allows up to 25 hours of recording at 15 minute intervals.
EMEM Option: 1 log with up to 12 definable parameters. 11,520 data item capacity allows 3 parameters to be recorded for 40 days at 15 minute intervals.

The 3710 meter is obsolete so new components such as the EMEM option cannot be purchased from Schneider Electric as they are no longer manufactured.

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