How to Simulate Events in SER Using a CM4000 or Monaghan ProTime Sequence of Events Module



CM4000 (CM4)

To simulate descrete input switching(On and Off), use SMS, PAE generic Modbus/Jbus Tester or some other Modbus utility write holding registers:


Modbus Register Value

8000 32333 command to begin input simulation mode.

8001 9999

8002 1 or 2 for number of seconds on

8003 1 or 2 for number of seconds off





Test mode is entered by writing to the holding register 1577 as indicated below:


Modbus Register Value

1577 21930 test mode on


To disable test mode.

1577 set to any other value to turn off test mode.

        • OR ten minutes will turn off.

Writing a value of 21930 decimal to register number 1577 will cause the ProTime module to simulate status input changes for a period of approximately 15 minutes. This can be useful for testing to see that events from an SER module are being recorded by the SER software.

Keywords: Sequence of Events Recording, Sequence of Events Recorder, SER 6.0, 6.3, 7.0, 7.1

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