Can we use Aluminium cable ?



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Can we use Aluminium cable ?

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It is not recommended to used our terminal block type AB1VVN with alu-cable because it is necessary to check regularly the tightening couple.
You can used alu cable but it is necessary to respect some rules.
1. After denude alu-cable, clean the alu cable and treat it with a grease in order to avert the oxidation.
2. alu cable must be tighten with a couple higher than the moninal tightening couple. ( 65%, 10Nm)
3. It is necessary to tighten again the cable 15 days after the montage.
Then, check the tightening couple 1 or 2 times by years ( depend on the applicaion )
4. The maximum current must be 60% of the nominal current.

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Related ranges: AB1, DB6