How to make an interlocking with 2 incoming and 1 coupling NW ?



There are 3 solutions :
- Mechanical interlocking by cables :
For that a 250mm compartment minimum on the right of each device cubicle is compulsory (pls look at the catalogue 08 page 57).
In order to have an maintenance and assembly acces and to rigidify the frame because of the mechanical adaptation here after.

- Mechanical interlocking by locks :
You have to order 3 locks but wit only two key (Profalux or Ronis) for the masterpact chassis

- Electrical interlocking :
Make the electrical interlocking trough the NW aux. contacts and add on the front of the masterpact a ON/OFF push button locking device ref 48536.
Moreover you have to add a padlock in order to lock the ON button and leave free the OFF button acces.


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL192001 V2.0, Originally authored by FrGe on 05/23/2008, Last Edited by GwPo on 07/23/2010
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