Waveforms do not appear in the Sag/Swell Waveform/Sequence of Events log



Check the version of PMLSProvider.dll and make sure that it is for the version of ION Enterprise that is running:

  1. The PMLSProvider.dll can be found in the ...\IONEnterprise\system\bin folder
  2. Right click the .dll and go to Properties
  3. Select the Version tab and click on "Product Version" in the Item name field to see what version of ION Enterprise the version is for (shown in screenshot below).

If it is for a version that is different than what is running on the machine do the following:
  1. Stop ION Query Service service
    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  2. Rename PMLSProvider.dll to PMLSProvider.dll.old
  3. Place the correct version of the dll in the same folder
  4. Start the ION Query Service service.

Last Revised: April 17, 2008
Applies To: ION Enterprise 5.5 / 5.6
Original Author: MN
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