After ION Enterprise 5.6 is installed, the devices in Management Console cannot be taken online/offline and new meters cannot connect



Goals and Symptoms

After the installation, everything appears to be fine and simple tasks can be performed such as:

  • Vista and Designer start fine and VIP operates
    i.e.: an external numeric object using Vista can change a parameter in VIP
  • All the services seem to appear as "Started"
  • Can ping, telnet and Webmeter into the meters from the computer

  • The connection status of a meter in Management Console can not be changed. Meters appear to be connected even though theyre forced to be disconnected. Newly added meters stay disconnected even though they are forced to be connected.
  • None of the meters which appear to be connected can establish a connection with Designer or Vista.

Causes and Fixes

The problem is more likely caused by a Virus protection software which blocks communication ports and hold services. Check if there is any Virus protection software installed. Try cleaning the tree files. To do so:

  1. Stop all the ION Services (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services)
  2. Stop all services related to Virus protection software (i.e.: McAfee Framework, McAfee McShield, McAfee Task Manager)
  3. Go to ...\Schneider Electric\IONEnterprise\config\trees folder and delete all the tree files
  4. Go back to services again and restart the ION services, not the Virus protection software related services (temporarily). You may also consider setting the Virus protection software related services startup type to manual to prevent them from starting automatically.

Last Revised: March 4, 2008
Applies To: ION Enterprise
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