Error When Installing ION Enterprise 5.6 SP1



Goals and Symptoms

When running build 552 of ION Enterprise 5.6 Service Pack 1, the installer quits with the following error message:

This message appears when a user is attempting to run the latest version of the 5.6 SP1 installer on a server that is already running ION Enterprise 5.6 SP1 Build 549.

The specific build version may be viewed by selecting Help > About from any ION Enterprise application (e.g. ION Management Console, ION Vista, ION Designer). The about box on a server running ION Enterprise 5.6 SP1 Build 549 will appear as shown below:

Facts and Changes

Error -1646 Uninstallation of the patch package is not supported

5.6 SP1 install

Causes and Fixes

It is not possible to update Service Pack 1 build 549 to Service Pack 1 build 552 by running the build 552 Service Pack 1 installer.


Run the ION Enterprise 5.6 SP1 hotfix, which is attached to RESL190756. That hotfix incorporates all of the changes that were introduced between build 549 and build 552.

More Information

To verify that the hotfix has been installed on a server, go to the SetupLogs folder and look for a file named Hotfix_Setup.log. This file is created by the hotfix installer.

Last Revised: January 29, 2008


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