Why is there a limit of 25 devices for ION Enterprise software installed on a Windows XP Professional Operating System?



A user may inquire why is there a limit of only 25 devices for ION Enterprise software installed on Windows XP Prof Operating System.
The reason is as follows:

25 devices for Windows XP is a general recommendation: it is possible that slightly larger systems can be put onto XP without noticeable problems. The reason for this recommendation is that there are limitations in Windows XP (all editions) on the number/kind of connections that it can make, or receive (same in Windows 2000). The more devices that are attempting to communicate to an XP system may result in unpredictable connection loss, or strange behaviour within software that maintains connection information to the meters (like the ION Network Router).

Server-class operating systems don't have these limitations, and are much better at managing large numbers of connections.

Our Software Department has documented cases where problematic systems running on Windows XP were fixed by upgrading to Windows 2003.

Last Revised: December 13, 2007
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