How To Force a Particular ION Enterprise VISTA Diagram to Open for a Given User on Startup




In some circumstances, it is desirable to maintain a specific Vista workspace for a particular user, so every time the user logs into Vista, the same set of diagrams are opened.

1) Log on to VISTA using the user account that is to be set up.
2) Organize VISTA to appear as you want it to appear on startup.
3) Save, and close VISTA.
4) Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the ION Enterprise(or PEGASYS)/config/cfg/ud directory. Notice there is a .wsu file named for each user account.
5) Locate the .wsu file for the user account you want to lock down and right click to bring up the Properties dialog box.
6) Mark the file as Read-Only

Now, every time that this user logs into VISTA, the same set of diagrams will be displayed.

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