Stale data in a custom Vista diagram



Goals and Symptoms

When looking at a custom diagram in Vista, the realtime values don't show up, and are framed in yellow. When moving the mouse over the yellow frames, we can see the error below:

Error reads:

  • Status=OperationCompleted The value has not been read in 0 seconds
Other pages of the diagram work fine and Diagnostic Viewer doesn't provide any relevant information about a possible lack of communication with the meter.
It seems that the timeout appears on this window only.

Facts and Changes

ION Enterprise 5.6, Vista, timeout, stale data, yellow frame, box

Causes and Fixes

In ION Enterprise 5.6, you set the data timeout in Vista for each diagram individually:

  • In Vista, right-click on the diagram background; select Properties
  • Choose the Updates tab
  • At the bottom is the Stale Data settings. If this diagram has a timeout of 0, increase it to at least 30s.

This may have happened if the Vista diagram was imported from an older version of ION Enterprise.

Last Revised: November 26, 2007
Applies To: ION Enterprise
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