How to create a custom GSM Modem in ION Setup 2.1



Goals and Symptoms

User may want to add a custom GSM modem in the ION Setup modem list, since the particular modem they have is not listed in the default ION Setup modem list.

Causes and Fixes

I. Browse to the ION Setup folder, Drive:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Setup and open the Modem.ini file as shown below.

  • II. Open the Modem.ini file and copy the lines as shown in the below screenshot into a new blank notepad.

    III. Paste it as shown below in a new notepad. You can now rename the [DEFAULT] to [MY GSM] and change the IDENTIFICATION ID to 99.
    IV. Save the notepad as USER.ini. It's VERY important to save it ONLY as USER.ini
    V. Close all windows, open ION Setup, this time you should be able to see your new modem name in the list.
    VI. You will have to fill out all the information in the notepad for the particular GSM modem that you are using, before it can be used.
    VII. Refer to your modem manual or contact the distributor for more setting information of the modem



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