How to completely uninstall ION Enterprise 5.0 or 5.5



Goals and Symptoms

Sometimes it is necessary to completely uninstall and re-install ION Enterprise.

Causes and Fixes

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the PowerMeasurement\IONEnterprise folder

  1. Copy the config folder to a safe location such as "My Documents"

  2. From Control Panel, use Add/Remove programs to remove ION Enterprise and SQL Server (MSDE)
  3. Go to Start > Run... and type:
  4. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE, and scroll down to Power Measurement/ION Enterprise
  5. Delete the ION Enterprise folder

  6. Scroll down to Microsoft > MSSQLServer (still in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE)
  7. Right-click and rename MSSQLServer to something different
    i.e.: MSSQLServerOld
  8. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the C:\. Find MSDEsetup.log in the right-hand side of the window and either rename or delete it.

  9. Keep .NET 1.1 installed on the machine, but delete.NET 2.0 since it can be installed again after installing ION Enterprise
  10. Ensure the loopback adapter is installed and configured correctly.

NOTE: You shouldn't have to uninstall the Anti-Virus.

Last Revised: November 22, 2007
Applies To: ION Enterprise
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