If a meter with 5A inputs is used with a 1A CT does it retain accuracy?



If a Meter with 5A input has been ordered for a site but a 1A CT has been installed, can the meter retain accuracy?
Yes, as long as the input to the meter is still within the operating range; this is different for each meter type. Please refer to the Currant Input specifications on the meters Datasheet to determine if the meter will operate properly.

  • i.e.: the ION 8600 operating range is accurate for 0.05A to 20A(class 20) and 0.01A to 10A (class 2).
We would not recommend using a secondary step up transformer to bring the input back up to 5A since you would be introducing more inaccuracies(allthough this would give you more resolution but not increase the accuracy).

For specific meter datasheets please visit: https://www.pwrm.com/PRODUCTS.

Last Revised: November 22, 2007
Applies To: ION 8600
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