Energy Meter (EMB/EME) IR Communications Port Information



Does the EMB/EME come with an infrared port?

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Energy Meter EMB/EME

Infrared (IR) Communication Port - Energy Pulsing

The IR port used to come standard on the basic and enhanced models of the energy meter. This was used with the Palm OS organizer with IR capabilities (Palm 3, 5, 7, and Handspring Visor) and the software that was included with the Energy Meter, which provided information from the Energy Meter read via the infrared into the organizer. The organizer had to be within 12 inches and within a +/-20 degree angle of the IR horizontal to accept a reading.

As of the early-2000s, IR communications capabilities were removed from production of the Energy Meters as newer Palm Pilot software discontinued its support for this application. Any Energy Meters manufactured after February 2010 will not have IR communications. The window on the top left of the unit is still present, but there is no IR diode behind the window.

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