How to adjust the Vista Update rate



Need to adjust the Vista update rate

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ION Enterprise and Power Monitoring Expert

Vista Diagrams update rate

Unable to find the Vista update rate for devices

To adjust the meter's Vista update rate for ION Enterprise 5.5 and below follow this procedure:

  1. Open Management Console
  2. Go to the Meter Site
  3. Right click on device > Properties
  4. Right click on the dark grey area and choose 'Advanced Properties'
  5. Go to the 'Update Rate' and change it from 1/2 second (500ms) to your desired value.
To adjust the meter's Vista update rate in ION Enterprise 6.0.1, SPM and PME follow the steps below
     1. Open the Vista Diagram
     2. Open the Tool Box by selecting Options then select Show Toolbox
     3, Right click on the white area by the Device Type and select properties
     4 Select Updates tab and specify the desire update rate