License Manager - ActiveX component can't create object error message



Goals and Symptoms

The following error message is displayed when the License Manager is opened from Management Console:

Error reads

  • License Manager
    ActiveX component can't create object

This error also appears when you go to Management Console > Help > About

Causes and Fixes

The cause of the problem is when the "About" or the "License manager" tries to retrieve ProductInfo.edition. This value is constructed by ProductInfo from the license key.

The IONSNG.dll must be re-registered:

  1. Open a CMD prompt and navigate to ...ION Enterprise\system\bin
  2. Type the following to re-register the .dll:
    regsvr32 ionsng.dll
  3. A confirmation window should appear

    Message reads
    DllRegisterServer in ionsng.dll succeeded.
  4. Ensure that Imgx61.dll exists and re-register it aswell following the same proceedure

NOTE: The above re-registering will resolve the problem, but in case it does not work, try running a Repair on the installation to make sure all dlls exist and are registered properly.

Last Revised: November 16, 2007
Applies To: ION Enterprise
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