ION Setup returns error "Unable to contact device..."



The communication connection drops when trying to connect to a meter through a wireless device using ION Setup Single Device Mode and returns the following error: "Unable to contact device...".

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ION Setup

Adding device in ION Setup

There are two possible causes for this error.

  1. When attempting to establish an Ethernet connection, ION Setup considers a configurable time period, called Transmit Delay, in order to stop connection attempt in the case of latency. If this time period is exceeded, the delay in the data transmission is longer than the user requests; therefore, ION Setup closes the communication port and returns the above error. This can be a problem when connecting to a meter through a wireless device. The data transmission delay times can be different from a wireless device to another. ION Setup has to be configured in a way that the setting called Transmit Delay is longer than the actual delay time in response. This setting is set to 0 ms by default when using ION Setup Single Device Mode, where as it is set to 50 ms by default in ION Setup Network Mode. Therefore, in the same physical configuration, with the default settings, someone may fail to connect to the device using ION Setup Single Device Mode.
  2. This error can be caused when trying to add a meter using ION Setup Single Device Mode and communicating a protocol other than ION.


Resolution 1.
When using ION Setup Network Mode:

  1. Right click on the Ethernet Site and select Properties
  2. ​Select the Timings tab to adjust the Transmit Delay setting (50ms by default)

When using ION Setup Single device configuration

  1. Click on the Settings to find the Site Timing window

Please adjust the Transmit Delay to accommodate the delays in the connection.

Resolution 2.
ION Setup Single Device Mode is recommended only for working with devices with ION protocol. Therefore, add the device using Network Mode.
For more information, refer to the ION Setup User Guide.