Do ION meters use any Silicone Caulking in the manufacturing process?



The following boards have silicon on them:

  • 8800 Power Supply
  • 8800 Comm Card with Modem option (ferrite's)
  • 85/8600 Comm card
  • 85/8600 Filter board for the inductors.
  • 85/8600 PSU uses a small amount to stabilize a heat sink
  • Any modem comm board will use silicone between the ferrite's to prevent them from touching.

For the external casing, the majority of 83/84/85/8600 socket meters (depending on options) have silicone on the base where the cables come out of the bottom. Meters that have two or less cables coming out of the base use a rubber grommet instead.

Internal Use Silicone: Electronic Grade - White - RTV 162

External Use (8xxx sockets) - General Purpose - Translucent - RTV 108

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