How to access Ethernet meters connected to a Router or Sub-LAN?



When Ethernet meters are connected to a Router, their IP addresses are specific to the sub-LAN (Local Area Network), and thus are usually not visible from the WAN (Wide Area Network). The only available address is the WAN IP of the router.
So how does the supervisory software access these meters? The solution is to use "port forwarding" (also known as "tunneling" or "redirection") option of the router. Usually, the software accesses the meters over one specific port (7700 for the ION meters). We have to setup the supervisor to use the IP address of the router, and a different port number, specified in the router settings.
The router will redirect the data to the IP address of the meter, using the correct port numbers:

In the example below, the router has the IP on the WAN, and provides addresses like "192.168.1.xxx" on the LAN side.

To access the meter having the IP, the supervisor will initiate a connection with the IP, port 7702.
Here's what the setup should look like from Management Console:

Of course, this resolution can be applied to any type of meters, routers, or supervisory software.
For this kind of customization, we need to check that the different assigned ports (7700, 7701...) are not already in use and that there is no firewall blocking the connection.
Refer to your router documentation to learn how to activate the port forwarding.

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