How to Accuracy Test the ION 6200 Based on Digital Outputs



Follow this procedure to test the kWh accuracy of the ION 6200:

  1. Acquire a kWh test set (e.g. Rotek brand).
  2. Wire the meter.
  3. Power up the 6200 (for maximum accuracy wait until the unit hits the operating temperature of @41C).
  4. Use digital out one (DO1 default setting is for kWh pulsing at 1.0 Wh per pulse).
  5. Run test and obtain results. Compare the DO pulse count to the Wh count on the Rotek.
  6. This value should be within boundaries specified by the accuracy specifications to which the meter conforms (+/- 0.5%).

NOTE: In order the for the precision of the measurement based on the pulses received from the ION 6200 be high enough to reliably show the accuracy of the meter, our engineers recommend that the duration or total sample period of the test be no shorter than 1000 seconds (16 minutes and 40 seconds). Longer test durations are recommended if possible for even higher precision of the measured accuracy of the meter. Note that this minimum duration of the test period applies regardless of the pulse weight setting (i.e. kT value). This last statement presumes, naturally, that the kT value is set low enough that at least two pulses are received over the duration of the test.


Other meters in our range(e.g.. ION 8600) have a calibration pulser module that was developed for this style of testing. Meters with the calibration pulser module generate pulses within milliseconds of a new energy threshold or boundary having been reached as set by the pulse weight, kT. The calibration pulser module is currently not available for the ION 6200 and therefore pulses are only generated after each new evaluation of the energy register on the meters regular 1 second processing cycle . Thus, in the worst case, pulses to signal a new energy threshold or boundary having been reached may be delayed up to 1 full second. It is this fact that necessitates a long test period to ensure that the precision of the measurement is high enough to be used as a valid indicator of the meter's accuracy.

For further info on this style of test please refer to 8600_Accuracy_Testing.pdf or


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