Is it possible to configure a Form 9S 8600/8650 meter as a Form 35S?



Customer purchased a ION 8600/8650 with "Form Factor" of 9/29/36S Base and wants to wire as a Form 35S

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Installation and wiring

Customer purchased 9s meter for use in form 35S environment

It is possible to configure a form 9S ION 8600/8650 meter as a form 35S, but a form 35S cannot be converted into a 9S since
the form 35S meter does not have a blade for I2 connection.

Following the diagrams below, the meters connection terminals can be rewired to match.

The 9S meter is normally configured as bellow to accept a 3 Element 4Wire-Wye system. 
As you can see, the blade inputs are used to accept the I1/I2/I3 & V1/V2/V3/Vref inputs for the 9S. A 35S meter only uses I1/I3 & V1/V3/Vref to meter the Delta system.

The 9S can be modified easily to simulate the 35S measurement structure as below:

This can be done by modifying your 9S base meter wiring as the image below:

The meter's Volts mode configuration setting, found in the Basic Setup Parameters, needs to be changed to 35S 3-Wire instead of 9S 4-Wire.
The firmware is the same for all types of form factors hence, it is not required to change the firmware.