Why won't voltage and current sag/swell waveforms appear in the waveform/sequence of events data log for the ION7500 or ION7550?



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ION Enterprise
StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

Vista Data Log Viewer
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  1. Nominal voltage is set to 0.
  2. Waveform recording and sag/swell detection modules is disabled.
  3. The frequency in the filters is too low. The filter is set to a sampling frequency of less than 2000 for sags and greater than 15000 for swells by default. If the events stay between 2000 and 15000 then the sag/swell event will be ignored.
  4. Designer is open.


  1. Confirm nominal voltage is set to something other than 0.
  2. Confirm the waveform recording and sag/swell detection modules have been enabled
  3. Increase the filter frequency by following the steps below:
    1. Confirm that Show Toolbox is checked in Options then open a Vista diagram with the waveform log viewer. Right-click the log viewer to open the Properties.
    2. Go to the Query tab and click Edit SQL ... Notepad opens the query text.                           
    3. Change the frequencies in the code to a higher value in every instance that the waveform log is being queried (there will be 8 values to change).  An example of what the code looks like is below and the number that you change is in red. This example sets the SamplingFrequency to <12000, but it can be anything less than 15000, but bigger than 2000.

      SELECT timestamp
      , NULL
      , NULL
      , NULL
      , NULL
      , NULL
      , V2
      , NULL
      , NULL
      , NULL
      , NULL
      , NULL
      , NULL

      FROM --(*vendor(PML),product(LogServer) 0xf95@Neas.ION7500 *)--
      WHERE SamplingFrequency < 12000
    4. Save and close Notepad.
  4. Close Designer. Designer must be closed in order for vista to update correctly.