Can the 6200 be used as an Ammeter, without any Voltage Inputs?



Yes, the 6200 can be used as an ammeter without any voltage inputs, but there may be some accuracy issues depending on the frequency.

For proper accuracy, the sampling rate is set by the frequency read from V1, otherwise, this value defaults to 60 Hz.  If you are operating this in a 50 Hz environment, you may obtain better accuracy by having a 50 Hz input into V1.  If the power supply is the same as the line frequency, the power supply leads can be connected as follows to inject the proper frequency to the meter:
V1 = L+
Vref = N-
G = G

NOTE: this is a workaround, so we cannot guarantee that the meter will be within specification.  Additionally, the meter will not read correct values for anything other than current.  Values that depend on the Voltage Inputs, such as Power and Energy will not be valid.

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