What do the 7300, 7330, and 7350 LEDs mean?



All LEDs are found on the back plate of the meter, except the two Ethernet LEDs, which are found on the left side (if you are facing front of meter).
LED Color Function

  • L1 Red: pulses once for every 1.8 Wh of energy measured
    L2 Red: links slowly to indicate CPU operation. It blinks rapidly to indicate communications through one of its serial ports
    Ethernet LINK Yellow: remains on while an Ethernet carrier is present; if this LED is off, the Ethernet connection cannot be established
    Ethernet ACTIVITY Yellow: blinks to indicate Ethernet traffic
    DE Yellow: indicates communications between the Master and the meter have been established (Profibus model only)
    PWR Red: shows that the meter is powered (Profibus model only)

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