ION Enterprise - How To Start Log Inserter Service Such That Only New Records Are Uploaded



The Log Inserter "quick start" feature can be used to start a new system or database without uploading a backlog of data that could exist in the monitored devices. When started with -q as an argument, the Log Inserter will only upload records with a time stamp greater than the current time.  This can make the start up process complete much more quickly.    

To put the Log Inserter service in "quick start" mode:

  • Shut down the ION Log Inserter service, then shut down the Services Control Panel applet
  • Start a command prompt, and unregister the Log Inserter service by typing logsrv.exe -unregserver
  • In the same command prompt type logsrv.exe -Service -q to put the Log Inserter service in quick start mode
  • Start the Log Inserter service

NOTE: once the system is caught up, be sure to shut down the Log Inserter service, unregister it, and re-register it without the -q. If the -q switch is not removed, the Log inserter will only upload new data on each subsequent restart.

More Information

In an extremely large system, with a large backlog of records, first time start up in a system with slow communications (slow modem connections, for example) can be problematic. One way of working around this problem is to connect sites one at a time, waiting until all records from one site have been uploaded before connecting the next site .    

The "quick start" option is another method of working around the large system start up problem, although it is only an option if old data on the meters is not required.

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