Sybase Database Has Missing Waveforms, Missing Records Or The Performance Is Slow



Goals and Symptoms

The ION meters with Sag/Swell and Transient detection require the user to configure the Nominal Voltage correctly. The meter is shipped with this value at 0 so the Sag/Swell detection sub-system is disabled. But if the user enters an incorrect value for the Nominal Voltage (for example 100 when it should be 120, or 277 when it should be 347) then the sub-system will become active but then begin to CONTINUOUSLY generate erroneous events, logs and waveforms. Hence, the Log Server will never be able to keep up.


  1. Error messages from the Log Server reporting missing records or "Log position unexpectedly jumped forward from xxx to yyy"
  2. Transient events appear in the logs but there are no corresponding waveforms. Typically you will see new transient events detected every 10-50 mS.
  3. Database performance may appear to be slow.
  4. Database may grow large very fast.

Causes and Fixes

ResolutionSet the Nominal Voltage to the correct value. Perhaps look at a waveform to see what it should be. Or check the outputs of the Power Meter module.

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