ION Services Do Not Exist After ION Enterprise Installation



Goals and Symptoms

The ION Services do not show up in the services list after an ION Enterprise installation, although the installer did not return any error message.


ION Services do not show up in the services list, in spite of ION Enterprise being successfully installed.

Check the setup log, found in the <install dir>\setuplogs directory, and locate the portion where ION Enterprise continued the install after reboot. If this portion is missing, this is a good indication the services did not get registered as they should.

Closing ION Enterprise 5.0 install log (11-15-2004 14:36:37).
Continuing ION Enterprise 5.0 install log after reboot(11-15-2004 14:38:35).

Facts and Changes

ION Enterprise
ION Services

Causes and Fixes

Spyware scanner such as "Webroot Spy Sweeper", or other Antivirus software thinks the installation script is a malicious attack to the computer after reboot. It stops the script from registering the ION Services.


Install the software with the spyware scanner or antivirus software temporarily disabled until the installation is complete.

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