Device type not available after running the ION7550/7650 Updater for ION Enterprise



After running the updater for ION7650 and ION7550 series meters, the ION7X50 meter is not available in the Device Type drop-down list when setting up a device in Management Console.

Product Lines
ION Enterprise 3.0, 4.0, 4.5

Management Console

The ION7550/7650 meters were added to ION Enterprise by using an updater that only updates the vista diagram; it does not update the ION_Network Database (NOM) list that provides the reference in the drop-down menu.

Upgrade to a version of the ION Enterprise software newer than version 5.5

*Note: The newest versions of the software are referred to as Power Monitoring Expert.

Add the device as 7600/7500 and it will function properly, but the newest features of the 7550 and 7650 will not be available.

More Information
To support new firmware features, download the ION Enterprise software updater. These updater files are compatible with ION Enterprise, Pegasys and MeterShop.
The following PRODUCTS will support the ION7550/7650 without an updater:
  • ION Enterprise 5.0 SP3
  • ION Enterprise 5.5 and newer
These updaters can be found inside of FA212571.
*Note: Pegasys will not support these meter types.