Video: Changing my ION meter Alert Module to display local time instead of UTC?



Need to view local time in the alert sent by an ION Meter instead of the UTC time
Product Line
ION7330, ION7350, ION7400, ION7500, ION7550, ION7600, ION7650, ION8600, ION8650, PM8000
Application using an ION meter to communicate via the Alert Module in the meter's ION programming
The email alert sent out by an ION meter uses UTC time as the Timestamp.
A number of meters will support the use of %Z to display the timestamp in local time rather than UTC time. However, if the meter does not support the %Z, the instructions below can be used.

The work around is using the Clock Module of the meter. On the Alert Module, link the hour, minute, and second outputs of the Clock Module to Source2, Source3, and Source4. See figures of the view from Designer and ION Setup (accessed through Advanced Mode).

Your message i.e.: Alert on %N1 (input 1) value: %V1      Local Time:%V2:%V3:%V4

and the email you get would read:

Message:Your message i.e.: Alert on Vll avg (input 1) value: 1039.45      Local Time:8:59:7
Time:11/01/2006 16:59:07 UTC


  • Only one measured value can be sent in the Alert Module because Hour, Minute, and Second are taking 3 of the 4 source options of the module.
  • Consider using Log Mail Module or Email Module (PME 8. only) in Designer as part of the VIP.