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Are ION Meters Compatible with IEC 61850?



Are ION Meters Compatible with IEC 61850?

Product Line
ION7650, ION7550, ION8650, PM8000

IEC61850 protocol

Meter capable of IEC61850 protocol is needed

An implementation of IEC 61850 protocol was released in late 2010. This implementation will be exclusive to the ION7650/7550, ION8650, and PM8000 series meters. Here are some basic features that of this implemtation:

The ION meter will provide via IEC 61850:
-1s operational metering data (V, I, PF, Power, Energy totals)
-Some power quality parameters (harmonics, symetrical components)
-Access to read and write meter digital & analog I/O
-Time synchronization via SNTP
-Reporting service for 61850 data with selectable report members
-File based setup and COMTRADE formatted waveform data (Digital Fault Recorder) via FTP
-Custom mapping of ION values into 61850 in addition to standard models
-Up to 4 independent client connections
-4 buffered and 20 unbuffered reports 50 members per dataset (max) each