Power Server Scheduled Reports are not working and the database reached the 2 gig limit.



The Power Server data logging stops once the database hits its capacity limit and the FIFO mechanism attempts to start.

The Power Server loses its ability to log data once the history database size reaches 100% of its logging capacity. At that point, the Power Servers FIFO (First in First Out) mechanism becomes active, but it inhibits writing to a data log table in the Power Server, which prevents logging. In every case in which logging is set up on a Power Server, this issue will present itself unless a patch is applied.

Product Line        

The file below contains the patch that corrects the Power Server logging issue.

To apply the patch:
1) Extract the zip file and transfer all files using NetMeeting to the Power Server (Refer to Appendix C in the Power Server Setup Guide).
2) Then click on the Power Server icon in the lower right system tray and click the restart button. This will automatically put the Power Server in Setup Mode and apply the patch.
3) After the patch is applied, the Power Server will restart back into run mode. This will take, on average, 10 minutes.
4) To verify that you have applied the patch, browse the Power Server diagnostic system update webpage (system/Diagnostics/System Updated History). There should be 2 entries for psr04003.bat in the Maintenance history log.