Do ION Meters support "Classless IP addressing"?



Classless IP addressing means that the IP address and the SUBNET mask of the device can belong to different classes.
There are three classes of IP addresses: A, B, and C. Each class covers a different of the range of the first octet of the IP Addresses:

Class A: 1-126

Class B: 128-191

Class C: 192-223

For example, is a class C  and is class A IP address.

The classes for the Subnet mask is a little different. The classes are as follows:

Class A:

Class B:

Class C:

It is possible to use a Subnet that is greater than the minimum values listed above. However, it would be inconsistent to use a Subnet lower than those values.

Below are examples of appropriate and inappropriate examples of IP/Subnet pairs:

Right: IP Subnet

Right: IP Subnet

Wrong: IP Subnet

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ION Meters support classless IP addressing.